Tree Planting

On Friday, Sarae and I met at The Spring Gardens at North Street between 17th and 18th St, a community garden that occupies an entire block. We met the group and then split into smaller groups after a short presentation on how to plant the tree. The event was one of many tree plantings throughout Philadelphia run through the Philadelphia Horticultural Society. Before this event, I only planted small seedling trees so this was a new experience for me.

Our group, consisting of three people including myself, planted four trees throughout the Fairmount neighborhood. The trees varied in size and shape and were planted within sidewalk blocks. All of the soils varied within the different spots. We learned how to properly plant a bare root tree ( a young tree with exposed roots that needs to be transplanted into the ground). We used buckets of water once we dug out the hold, planted the tree, and added mulch. The water helped to get rid of air pockets that will help the tree grow better and increase the chances of survival. We were also told how to properly position the tree so its roots can spread out and the branches will not grow into the sidewalk where they can easily be destroyed by pedestrians. Our leader also explained to us how the tree roots often strangle the tree itself in urban spaces because the roots do not have enough space to spread out. Another group was set to tie posts around the tree for stability later in the day.

I really enjoyed this project. Our group leader was very helpful and patiently taught us the proper way to plant the tree. It was very rewarding to contribute to the neighborhood. Hopefully we can make a return visit and see our trees growing strong!


For more information on The Spring Gardens:


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