Meeting with Temple Community Gardens

Tonight Danielle and I went to the weekly meeting of Temple Community Gardens. It was interesting to see what the group had to offer in the coming weeks, as well as into the summer months. I learned that the present spot of TCG is being taken away from them. Temple University is turning it into a parking garage. Now the group is in the process of finding a new location, without much help from Temple. They had some luck in finding places, but they were further away from campus than the original location. With it already being hard to find students interested in the organization, they were worried what moving the location farther away from campus would do. They are working hard to keep their missions of teaching and including students in the community garden initiatives.

In the coming months they plan to have a bake sale, in which they push a wheelbarrow around campus to sell the goods. They are also planning a weekend to plant with alumni and a fraternity on campus. Also, for the end of the year they are holding a banquet for TCG and selling their own compiled cookbooks to raise money for the organization.

I am excited to be working in such an involved and organized group for this stewardship project, as well as seeing what else they will be doing for the semester.

-Sarae Gdovin


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