Volunteering at Philly Food Farm

When I looked out my dorm room window yesterday I saw little red buds on the trees. I know spring is here and the weather is getter better and better. On this sunny Saturday, I biked all the way down to South Philly to check out this new garden on 5th and Mercy St. It was a rather long bike ride but I enjoy biking through the city on a good day.

I think the garden is really just getting started. It is located in the midst of apartments and townhouses, a rather surprising spot around the neighborhood. It is very much like the vacant lot we visited in class. All of the lots are build upon old buildings that are torn down so there are bricks just few inches beneath the soil. Robyn is the person in charge of the Philly Food Farm. Her vision is to build the garden with existing materials and soil and make efficient use of rain water and compost.

I helped clean the path between plots and put the first layer on one of the plots. There’s also a white cup for worms; I put a lot of earthworms I found when cleaning the path in it. It’s almost like a little culture of warms. As weird as it may sound but I love playing with tiny earthworms!

Here’s a glimpse of how the garden looks like so far:

here they are trying to build a compost area:

across the street they’ve set up what I think is becoming a rain garden:

I stayed for almost four hours and got some good exercise out of it (including the bike ride!). Right now the farm/garden is still in its early stage. Robyn told me that there is a lot she wants to do with it. I am sure I will come back and help out. It feels great to be a part of it.


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