Stewardship Hours Log

Mill Creek Urban Farm- 3 hours

City Wide Tree Planting- 4 1/2 hours

Temple Community Gardens Groundbreaking day- 3 hours

A lot of hard work and effort put in for a great semester! :)

-Sarae Gdovin

TCG Groundbreaking Day

WIth the last weekend of the semester, it came time to wrap up the last of my stewardship work. I decided to do this work with Temple Community Gardens because of its convenient location right on campus. This past Sunday they held a ground breaking day at their new garden location at Broad and Norris streets. It’s a great location that I think will draw many more volunteers because it is so easily accessible.

The first surprising part about the day was walking out of my dorm to see the Broad Street Run going on!

After watching the runners and cheering them on for a few moments, I headed down the few blocks to the new garden location. As I arrived there were only a few people starting to work, but as the day went on more and more joined. The goals of the day were to do some much needed weeding to the space, spread mulch, and start building the raised beds for the plants. It was amazing to see how quickly it was all getting done!

For my time there I did weeding for part of the space. A lot of weeding was done, but the space was so unkept that it needed even more. However, with a great group working together like Temple Community Gardens I’m sure it will be done in no time.

                                                                  Photo of the rocky soil

                                                              Danielle pulling some weeds

At last, my stewardship work has come to an end. I’ve had a great time getting out into the community and taking my class room work to the next level. It was hard work, but in the end it was well worth it!

-Sarae Gdovin

Tree Planting Stewardship Work

This past Friday, I went out to help with just one of the many tree planting events going on throughout Philadelphia over the weekend. I had planted trees just once before, when I was very young. I am lucky enough to still see them growing in my backyard at home. That kind of satisfaction is what made me want to plant trees for some of my stewardship work.

Danielle and I went to The Spring Garden at 18th and North Streets to meet with the group planting. As we arrived we were split into teams and given some basic instructions on how to plant the trees. The trees I planted on Friday were much larger than the seedlings I planted before, and required a different type of planting technique. We learned that the hole must be dug deep enough for the roots to be just under the soil, or the tree could not grow properly. The roots also needed enough soil under them so that there would be no air pockets between them. This was not always so easy to do, especially with roots growing out in so many different directions. We learned how to pack the soil in, as well as water the soil so no air pockets would be left.

We went off to four different locations to plant our four trees. Two of the trees were planted near 17th and Wallace Streets, one was at 22nd and Brandywine Streets, and yet another not very far from the art museum. Each tree, although not far from each other, was a different experience. The first tree’s soil was damp, and seemed a little heavy. It was not very difficult to plant, especially since the roots were not very wide. For the second tree, the soil was much wetter, the roots much wider, and many rocks in the soil, making it difficult to plant. For the second two trees, the soil was much dryer and made for easier planting.

Although it was difficult work, the tree planting was very rewarding. I like to be able to go and visit a tree that I know I put into the ground, hopefully for years to come. The man on our team was telling us how difficult it is to get the community involved with keeping the trees alive. They need the residents near the newly planted trees to keep them watered with many gallons each day for the first few weeks. It seems as if many people cannot be bothered by such a simple task that could help the environment of the city so much. However, it is good to know that there still are some people who are willing to put in the effort and help, especially those who take time out to plant these trees. It really is a lasting impression on the city of Philadelphia.

-Sarae Gdovin


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